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On behalf of the Douglas Unified School District #27, Governing Board, Administration, staff, and students, I would like to sincerely thank you for your generous donation.  Your donation will be utilized to advance the area that you have designated. I can assure you it will be spent with the utmost integrity.

It is wonderful to see the generosity and interest of the community in helping our District provide the best educational opportunities possible for our students. It is our firm belief that the community plays a key role in helping us to accomplish our goals.

Thank you!!


Cesar B. Soto, Business Manager

Board Approved on 05/01/18:

  • Donation of Shirts & Shorts to Spring Football program from a private donor (est. value $2,100.00).
  • Donation of floral arrangements from Romantic Realties to Diamond Scholars (est. value $108.90).
  • Donation of 15 soccer uniforms to PHMS Soccer Club from Mr. Felipe McGrew (est. value $410.00).
  • Donation of $7,375 to the DHS DECA from U of A Center for Border Health Disparities (Elizabeth Salerno Valdez, Doctoral Student).
  • Donation of Property (land) to DUSD #27 from Ronald J. & Rona Borane Trust.

Board Approved on 04/03/18:

  • Donation of a sound system to PHMS from Mrs. Debra Thuma (est. value $270.00).

Board Approved on 03/06/18:

  • Donation of children's books to Clawson Elementary School from Mr. Jeff Howe in Memory of Vivian Wells Howe (est. value $1,000.00).
  • Donation of $500.00 from Dr. Jonathan Melk & Dr. Darlene Melk to the PreSchool at Faras Elementary School.

Board Approved on 02/06/18:

  • Donation of two bikes to RBMS Bicycle Club from Wal-Mart (est. value $200.00).
  • Donation of three bikes to RBMS Bicycle Club from Mr. Ray Borane (est. value $210.00).

Board Approved on 01/09/18:

  • Donation of dictionaries from the Rotary Club to all DUSD 3rd Graders (est. value $650.00).
  • Donation of school supplies to Stevenson and Sarah Marley Elementary Schools from AZ Department of Corrections, AZ State Prison Complex-Douglas, Mohave Unit. (Tony De La Torre) (est. value $2,607.18).
  • Check donation of $2,600.00 to DHS for scholarships from the Class of 1972.
  • Monetary donation of $621.00 to the Migrant and McKinney Vento families from the Gadsen Hotel.

Board Approved on 12/05/17:

  • HP Cartridges for teachers from AZ Department of Corrections, AZ State Prison Complex-Douglas, Mohave Unit. (Tony De La Torre) (est. value $621.32).
  • Refrigerator to the basketball concession stand (est. value $150.00).
  • Film Library to the DHS Media Arts Program from Pati Urias (est. value $500.00).

Board Approved on 11/01/17:

  • Piano donation to RBMS in memory of Teresa Scott (est. value $1,000.00).
  • $250.00 donation from Freeport McMoRan Inc. to Clawson Elementary School.
  • $350.00 donation from Douglas Police Officers Association to Clawson Elementary School.
  • Exercise Gym to RBMS P.E. class from Jacqueline Agers (est. value $2,000.00).

Board Approved on 09/12/17:

  • Donation of school supplies (notebooks, backpacks, pencils, etc.) to DUSD Elementary Schools from National American Miss AZ. Teen Project Happiness-Caitlyn Kramer and Luis Dominguez, Student Body President, Cochise College. (student-run organization; est. value $500.00).
  • Donation of 5 Lighting Thief books to PHMS from Kohl's on Adopt a Classroom (est. value $50.00).
  • Donation of 40 iPads to DUSD from United States District Court (est. value $4,000.00).
  • Donation of 28 computer keyboards to DUSD from CLS Plasma (est. value $560.00).
  • Donation of 3 Chromebooks to PHMS 7th grade Science (Anonymous; est. value $600.00).
  • Donation of a display cabinet to DHS from the Lopez family, Gadsen Hotel. (est. value $400.00).
  • Donation of $5,000.00 to the DHS Swimming Team from the Bulldog Swimming Booster Club.
  • Donation of $945.00 to the DHS Baseball from the Knights of Columbus No. 1858.
  • Donation of $500.00 to the Wrestling Club from the Douglas Elks Lodge No. 955.

Board Approved on 08/01/17:

  • Donation for $1,000.00 from the Cochise County Sheriff's Assist Team to the DHS Band Club.
  • Donation of five golf bags to DHS Athletic Department from Douglas Golf and Social Club (est. value $700.00).
  • Donation of Library Books from Douglas Rotary to the DHS Library (est. value $4,200.00).
  • Donation of a $100.00 gift card from Wal-Mart to DUSD #27.

Board Approved on 07/11/17:

  • Donation of school supplies (backpacks w/school supplies) to Faras Elementary School from the Elks Lodge No. 955 (est. value $2,000.00).
  • Donation of Lego Kits to Faras Elementary School from the Elk Lodge No. 955 (est. value $2,000.00).
  • Donation of five E-Reader Tablets to Faras Elementary 2nd Grade class from the Douglas Dialysis Center (est. value $250.00)

Board Approved on 06/20/17:

  • $800 Donation from Clawson PTSO to Clawson Student Council
  • Donation of five E-Reader Tablets for Sarah Marley School from the Douglas Dialysis Center (est. value $250.00)

The Douglas Unified School District #27 does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion or disability.
El Distrito Escolar Unificado de Douglas #27 no discrimina sobre la base de raza, color, origen nacional, sexo, edad, religiĆ³n o discapacidad.

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